Full Frontal Radio Episode 64

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What happens when we let Lori pick the stories!!? Its our most horrific Full Frontal Radio ever!┬áSerial Killers! Cannibals! Complete disregard for human life!… and other stuff that Lori finds hilarious!! Full Frontal Radio … serving as a minor disturbance to all right thinking Americans since 1992. This show features, in various combinations, Mike Loncar, Tim Gage, Anthony DiDomenico, John Ziegler, Lori Palminteri, and John Trueson with disturbing contributions, musical, spoken and otherwise, from reclusive geniuses Kevin Sullivan and the immortal Mister Weiss. If the content herein offends you, disturbs you or makes you think about things you don’t wish to think about… good! Serves you right for listening to this nonsense when you could be outside playing.